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We offer easy 3 steps application process

  • Intake form Fill out the short intake form to get connected to a doctor. Please note our service is HIPAA compliant and all personal information is completely confidential between you and your doctor. You will not be charged if the doctor believes you do not qualify for a tint exemption.
  • Talk to a doctor The next step is to have your doctor visit using any connected device from the comfort of your home. Our doctors will work with you to create a treatment plan and provide you with all the documentation necessary to get your legal tint exemption in California.
  • Print Tint Exemption Form: You will receive an email once the doctor uploads your exemption form. You will then be able to instantly download and print your Tint Exemption form. You will need to sign it, and keep it with you in your car.

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Video conference with your certified physician completely online, from the comfort of your home.

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  • 1 Can I do my tint exemption on top of the tint I have?

    Yes, a specialist may install on existing tint your tint exemption amount.

  • 2 What is the darkest legal tint?

    In California, the darkest legal tint possible is 70% VLT for the front passenger sides then any for the back passenger sides.

  • 3 Are there tint colors that aren't allowed?

    Colors not allowed for tint include blue, amber, and red.

  • 4 Do I have to be a resident of California or just have my car registered in the state?

    In order to qualify for medical tint exemption you must be a citizen of California.

  • 5 Do I need anything else besides the exemption certificate?

    Besides the certificate, you will need to have the sticker from the tint manufacturer with the name and the address visible on that sticker as the state law requires that too, otherwise you will be pulled over by the police anytime you are out with your vehicle.

  • 6 How much is a ticket for illegal tint?

    The fine can cost as much as $197, plus the cost of removing the tint.

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